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nhibernate 使用

nhibernate 使用

I'm a huge fan of screencasts for learning. There are an increasing number of increasingly sophisticated tools and libraries that we as developers have available and I'm leaning on screencasts to learn them. I really like the screencasts that Rob Conery is doing and I've got really positive response from the ASP.NET MVC Screencasts.

我非常喜欢截屏节目进行学习。 作为开发人员,越来越多的工具和库可供我们使用,我希望通过截屏来学习它们。 我真的很喜欢Rob Conery所做的截屏,并且ASP.NET MVC截屏得到了非常积极的回应。

I'm starting to think that all technical books should come with a accompanying screencast series. You typically have to watch closely and pay attention, and it's hard to watch a screencast in double speed (unlike a podcast) but a well-done screencast is the next-best thing to letting an expert take over your computer and show you.

我开始认为所有技术书籍都应随附随附的截屏视频系列。 通常,您必须密切注意并注意,并且很难以双倍的速度观看屏幕录像(与Podcast不同),但是出色的屏幕录像是让专家接管您的计算机并向您展示的第二好选择

There are many tools that support the fundamental tenets, beliefs, and preferred processes in the ALT.NET space. Certainly ALT.NET isn't "all about the tools," but there are certainly preferred tools.

ALT.NET空间中有许多工具支持基本原则,信念和首选过程。 当然,ALT.NET并非“与工具有关”,但肯定有首选工具。

One of those is NHibernate, a sophisticated Object Relational Mapper. I used NHibernate as my Data Layer recently when I got ASP.NET MVC running under .NET 2.0 using NHibernate examples from Davy Brion (who has an NHibernate Category on his blog).

其中之一是NHibernate ,这是一种复杂的对象关系映射器。 最近,当我使用Davy Brion (在他的博客中拥有NHibernate类别)的NHibernate示例使.NET 2.0下运行ASP.NET MVC在.NET 2.0下运行时,我将NHibernate用作数据层。

NHibernate is very flexible, but it's a little overwhelming (for me, at least) to get started. Davy has a good "code-heavy" walkthrough of the concepts. Some NHibernate write-ups assume too much, IMHO.

NHibernate非常灵活,但是入门(至少对我来说)有点不知所措。 戴维对概念有很好的“代码繁重”演练。 恕我直言,有些NHibernate的文章假设太多了。

Perhaps to combat this, Stephen Bohlen has created the Summer of NHibernate Screencast Series as a learning tool to educate engineers at his company. Stephen says:

也许为了解决这个问题, Stephen B oh len创建了NHibernate夏季截屏系列,作为一种学习工具来教育公司的工程师。 斯蒂芬说:

"Often, our strategy for bringing people up to speed on [NHibernate] has been to rely on word-of-mouth and osmosis (often via pair-programming) to get the points across, but now we have a planned staffing ramp-up of a magnitude that will likely make that approach unwieldy."


He's releasing these screencasts to the public and you can check them out at http://www.summerofnhibernate.com/ or subscribe to the feed and get them downloaded automatically like podcasts! Stephen's also including Code Downloads with each screencast.

他正在向公众发布这些截屏视频,您可以在http://www.summerofnhibernate.com/上查看它们 订阅提要 并像播客一样自动下载它们! Stephen的每个截屏视频还包括代码下载。

If you like them, remember that Stephen's doing this for free, while bandwidth isn't, so you can donate via Paypal to help him out. You can visit Stephen's blog with comments and suggestions. My primary suggestions to him would be to drop his resolution to 1024x768 or even 800x600 (what I do) and raise his font size to Lucida Console 16. Right now, you'll need a high-res (1280) monitor to watch his screencasts.

如果您喜欢它们,请记住,Stephen是免费提供的,而带宽不是免费的,因此您可以通过Paypal捐款以帮助他。 您可以通过评论和建议访问Stephen的博客。 我对他的主要建议是将其分辨率降低到1024x768甚至800x600(我该怎么做),然后将其字体大小提高到Lucida Console16。现在,您需要一台高分辨率(1280)显示器来观看他的截屏视频。

These small nits aside, I think it's great that NHibernate is getting more screencasts that really help folks get started and augment NHibernate's excellent documentation.


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nhibernate 使用

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